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  Beyond Thinkable Energy

BT Energy Brand Story

So far, the world has been a technology that

blocks dams and generates electricity by using differences in altitude.

Hydroelectric power generation methods directly

operated by each country or large corporation

had problems with environmental destruction in

the process of building dams, as well as

astronomical investment and place depletion.

Therefore, our BT Energy Co., Ltd. has developed

a technology that is the simplest structure and

can produce new electrical energy in the world's

best economic way.

The technology is a technology that cleanly

produces electrical energy using

"water moving energy" by "gravity".

We, BT Energy, 


Due to the reckless emission of fossil fuels and

carbon from the present generation, The

abnormal climate of climate warming that occurs

every year is, It has led to environmental

destruction and is threatening the survival of mankind.

The problems of the present human race, 
Also, for our children who have to live in the future, 
The efforts to pass on the clean and clear global

It's something we all have to "do" at the moment.
Our BT Energy Co., Ltd. is...
Beyond the framework of existing knowledge, we
have developed the world's best simple structure and economic hydroelectric technology with innovative and creative ideas.

The technology is the world's first technology in a way that utilizes "water moving energy" by "gravity.

We, BT Energy Co., Ltd. is a clean energy technology company that will be delivered to future generations with warm hearts.

          BT Energy Co.,Ltd.

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