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Cleanest renewable energy technology
" Hydropower "
But there are economic and environmental problems.
The cost of constructing a dam requires enormous "investment funds"
In addition, depletion of the construction site of hydroelectric power plants, and environmental problems are also big problems.

There is the "MBHT" technology in solving the above "world problem".

Recent technical information video on hydropower Turbine and tidal turbine

The principle of existing hydropower

1. Hydropower and small hydropower plants


                     The biggest advantage of hydropower and small hydropower plants is that they are environmentally

                     friendly renewable energy. Hydropower generates electricity by using water, so it does not discharge

                     any fuel and does not emit air pollutants. You can reduce carbon dioxide, a major cause of global warming.


                      1. Significant funding for dam construction requires investment,
                       (Eg, immigration problems in the submerged area, conflict resolution with people in the downstream area, etc.)

                      2. Environmental problems

                          (ecological problems such as blockage of transportation routes and change of residential environment to

                            animals due to environmental changes,)

                      3. It is a reality that only places that do not have the economic value of hydroelectric power plants remain.
                          (A problem that the investment cost of the power transmission and distribution increases when the distance

                           between the power plant and the electricity supply is long)


                    Even if water has passed through a turbine of any kind once, it does not mean that the energy

                    of the position is dissipated in the water. 


Dam-type hydroelectric

power plant


Tunnel  waterFlow-type hydroelectric power plant


Small Hydropower Plant

2.  The principle of existing hydropower and Small Hydropowe      


The principle of hydroelectric power is that when water moves from high to low The generated kinetic energy (mechanical energy) It is a power generation method that converts and converts it back to electrical energy.

3. Types of of existing hydropower and Small Hydropower Turbines       

a. Pelton turbine

    High altitude turbine


b. Francis turbine

    Medium and high altitude turbine


c. Kaplan turbine

   Low altitude and popularly used turbine

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Recent technical information video on hydropower Turbine and tidal turbine

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