Multi-stage Blade Hydropower Turbine


Provide Economical in the world's most simple structure

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 MBHT  Description of power generation technology

1. Basic principle of MBHT technology

Existing hydro power generation technology creates a dam to pass water "once" through generation turbine at the potential energy pressure of the water due to the difference in altitude.

MBHT technology is different from this.

MBHT is a technology that enables hydro electric power to be generated wherever water flows by gravity like rivers, streams or tidal areas, agricultural waterways, in cool-down discharges from thermal and nuclear power plants, farms, water, sewerage and other areas.

The foreign material inflow prevention technology is implemented and the potential energy flow of water is smooth, while the same torque is generated at a certain distance and the same multiple blades with low efficiency are continuously installed, innovatively reduce manufacturing and installation costs and the simple structure significantly reduces maintenance costs.


Hydro power plants that requires trillions of  Won to build and will cost about 80% of the construction cost as compensation, construction infrastructure and civil engineering costs.


2. Basic Configuration

      A. It is a technology that increases economic efficiency by continuously connecting effective blades suitable for the velocity of

           a moving fluid and flow rate at the installation site.
          (Blade 100 kW / h * 10 set = 1 M power generation capacity / 1M * 10 set = 10 M power generation capacity)

      B. It does not require dam construction and provides an environmentally friendly structure that does not interfere with fish flow.

      C.  Composition of blocking technology of floating trees and debris
            (MBHT power generation turbines have the technology to block floating trees and debris,

            providing effective and affordable maintenance costs.)​


      D. Providing economical installation method according to site(river, streams and tidal areas) conditions

           (submarine fixed and semi-submersible installation technology provided)

           (Providing technology that is fixed to the seabed or floating and moored to generate power depending on the site conditions

            of the hydroelectric power generation)

      E. Configuration of pipeline power turbine technology

           Technology that produces electricity from pipes through which fluid flows due to gravity.

3. World's best economics("break-even point" within 2-5 years)

          Design cost + production cost + installation cost + operation cost + maintenance cost +

         depreciation cost (20 years) = "break even point" within 2 - 5 years​

4. Word's best expandability of the power generation sites

​     (Including hydraulic power and small hydraulic power)

      Algae power generation + river or stream power generation + power generation in existing hydroelectric power plant discharge

​      channels + power generation by cooling water discharges from thermal and nuclear power plants +  (plumbing line) power   

     generation in pipelines flowing by gravity + water purification plant and water waste treatment plant power generation + farm

     waterway power generation + aquaculture waterway power generation, etc.     It is a technology that can develop effectively in all

     places where water flows by gravity.

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 multi-stage turbine on a waterway line  

multi-stage turbine on a waterway line